Being Divine

August 31, 2010

Hello beloved. For this moment, lets have you put aside the personality. Ignore the bodily senses. Just give me your full attention right now and allow my truth to fill your being with love and light. The time is now dear one to express your divinity. Mankind for far too long has been playing small, entertaining their petty personality and ego, doing things that only satisfy their physical senses temporarily. All the stories you allow your self to get caught up in. The drama. When are you finally going to give this up? Why do you settle for such temporary, fleeting happiness when you can experience joy and satisfaction every moment of your waking lives? All this misery and sorrow, all this discord is a result of too many people turning their back on me, on the light that is the answer to all their deepest desires, all their prayers and yearnings for something more, something extraordinary. You are Divine. There is no struggle in my perfection. There is no unhealthiness or worry in my presence. Do you realize that my presence is within you? I have stressed this before weeks ago and it seems as though some of you have remembered my truth.

But there is something you have not chosen to do since we connected last. You have not shared your light and love with every single person you have come across and helped them remember what has long been forgot.  You are still too consumed with how the “you” can serve, how the “you” can help humanity. It is not “you” that is doing anything. Why continue to live in the old consciousness and frequency when so many of you have moved past that and entered a new realm of vibration? You see, with so many people not realizing that I AM within them, they turn to others outside of themselves for hope, for answers that will pull them out of their inharmonious feelings. I rely on you which is ME, I Am to show them the way.

How can you help serve not only me but the rest of your brothers and sisters which I AM residing in as well? By allowing me to do my perfect work in you and through you. I cannot have you playing small any longer. Give up your “self,” your personality and allow me to heal and uplift those that are struggling right now. The people living on beautiful terra need love, need light to express perfection and adjust the destruction that mankind has created. Allow my truth to be spoken through you to set everyone free. Don’t hide. Don’t get all worried what others might think. That is just your personality that I am asking you to once and for all let go of. I have so many wonderful things to share with you if you only choose to go within, BE STILL and wait to hear my Word. Realize this. KNOW this.

Choose to walk through the door. The door has always been open just waiting for you to walk in. It is not hard to do, I promise you. Know within that we are one and the same. You are my child. My perfect son/daughter of me, God, a co-worker in the grand motion picture of this beautiful thing we call life. You are the resurrection, you are the life. The conquering Christ is within you. Love and adore and acknowledge this beautiful God presence within every moment. Always look to me before anything you do or think in life. With your attention on me, you are given the keys to the kingdom, living in heaven on earth where all is in divine order and divine love pours through you. Choose to see only perfection in everyone and everything. Walk around each day seeing the Christ in everyone.  This in itself will do wonders for your life. Appraise every situation as good, it is all good, I can assure you.

Love is so powerful. It will do everything for you. Meditate on love. Radiate divine love. Remember, “It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.” 


Divine Love

August 20, 2010

“To give five minutes to the realization of true divine love is greater than to pass a thousand bowls of food to the needy because, in giving forth love, you help every soul in the universe.”  

-Gautama Buddha

Hello Beautiful

August 18, 2010

So how do you feel right now? Do you feel strong and all powerful? Do you feel the love pouring out of you onto others today? Are you in your subjective state of mind, harnessing all the power of the universe that is located not outside of you but within?

Lets spend time together right now. See the harmony that is all around, the lavish abundance that is readily available to you always. Feel my presence within you and look for me in all that is. I do not hide from you.

I’m so happy you are facing the light. One of these moments, it is my desire for you to realize you are the light.

Blessings to you

Today is a new day

August 17, 2010

Do you realize this? Do you realize that today is a new beginning? A chance to turn it all around and be greater than you were before, to dream bigger than you did yesterday, to love unconditionally and to “know” what divine love really is. Do you fully understand that you are who YOU define yourself to be? Who is doing the defining? Not what your partner called you yesterday or what your “boss” at work thinks. You get to decide what you are. But what are you? You already know the answer to this but are you willing to claim it? Are you willing to step into the light and behold who you really are? You are love. You are me and I am you. Don’t let your head chime in and start agreeing or disagreeing with these words. That’s not you. That’s the limitation, the personality. Look at me, feel my presence. I know you feel it. Now you are remembering the perfection you once knew you were long ago and are right now when you acknowledge who you are, when you acknowledge me.

Why are you still focused on what happened yesterday? It is so long ago. Why are you carrying around with you all this “stuff” thinking that that “stuff” is who you are. It was only an experience, nothing more, nothing less. What kind of meaning are you attaching to everything in your life? Are you appraising your situation as “good?” I can assure you it is all good if you only open your spiritual eyes and look at the beauty that exists before you.

There is no past. You see that right? There is no future. So when you let go of judgement regarding your past and any worry or concern you may have about the future, how do you now feel? Do you feel the freedom pouring forth, lifting you up, asking you to dream a new world where love is all there is? What do you want to experience right now? Happiness perhaps? How about sharing and caring and inspiring others to awaken to their inner power that flows through everything? Let go of the story. Stories are only stories. They are not you. Learn to distinguish my words from the many voices in your head. It is simple really. The thoughts that uplift you, inspire you, thoughts of gratitude and love that fill your heart and overflow onto everyone and everything, those are God thoughts, my thoughts.  

You have seen where your thoughts have gotten you. You have seen where your will has led you. How about turning it all over to me? Are you ready to do that yet? Are you ready to be led today and know my will? Keep affirming, “Thy will be done.” “Thy will be done.”  My purpose for your beautiful life awaits you. I am patiently waiting for you to turn to me so that we can start working together once and for all.

Can you see me in others? Are you looking for me in the people that cross your path today? I am certainly there. I am always there in the woman giving you your coffee, I am in the gentleman asking you for some spare change. Are you acknowledging my presence that is before you? If you are asking me for my help today, continue to focus on my love and healing energy because it will come through in the most unexpected way. But do not judge the appearance because underneath all appearance is me.

So go forth today. Breathe a new day. Be still. Be love. Smile. Surrender. Trust. Ask and you shall always receive. Oh my beloved, I love you so, so much. You are so beautiful. So divine. So perfect. Go now in peace.

Do you realize how perfect and beautiful you really are beloved? Do you see the perfection pouring forth from within you creating the magnificent reality that you are currently experiencing? Where is your focus right now? Is it on me which is really you, the all knowing, all seeing God that governs everyone and everything? Are you aware of the limitless power that is available to you every moment, is there for you to create anything that is constructive for the good of all?

Stop hiding behind the personality. Realize that you and I are one, I am you and you are I AM. Meditate and focus on all that “I AM.” Do you KNOW this yet? When are you going to give up the limitations so that we can play and dance together and enjoy the Heaven that has always been available for you to experience?

There is nothing that is “hard” for you to do to experience my divine love that is pouring forth and creating the perfection that is always yours. Make the decision to just let go. Goodbye material/physical, that is only the effect. Lets start realizing the cause…Hello God. Hello all that is good, all that is made up of God. Speak and think positively, consciously allowing divine love to pour forth from within you onto everyone and everything. When you only focus on your higher self, it becomes far easier to do my brilliant perfect work through you, healing those that need healing and blessing so many others that are asking for help.

There is no more need for want. Do you understand that? Do you really understand that there is no more need for you to “want” anything? You already are everything. How is this so? Because I will remind you again, you and I are one. Stop looking outside of yourself. I AM within, within you and everyone else. I always have been and always will be because my LIFE is pouring forth animating all that you see and experience. Remember though, I am not the form that you see. You will never see me. You might be able to hear me or feel me. But do not get caught up in the forms. Those are only appearances, appearances of which the human mind likes to form opinions around. Rise above the human mind.  Are you looking at the limitations and personality that others identify with or is your focus on seeing the Christ in the face of everyone?  

Humanity needs rise up, be inspired and remember what was forgotten so long ago. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.  I AM GOD. Align with this perfection and power that is always available to you and guiding you, leading you into greater awareness and expansion. Look to me and realize that we are not separate, but living in Oneness together. Look within and feel my endless love for you. You are perfect in all ways. Know this. Feel this. It is so…

Ask and allow…

July 15, 2010

From the movie, The Secret, to the countless books on the Law of Attraction, there are more and more people today gaining an understanding on some of the various universal laws that are always at work whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. While so many people are “trying” to manifest some type of material possession, it is important to step back and realize that it is not the “you” that you think that will bring this into your reality.

Everything comes from Source/God/Universe, whatever term you may wish to describe something that cannot really be described. So when we ask the higher power for a new experience, a new possession, realize that our request and prayers are heard. But also realize that “you” are not what is going to manifest this into reality. It will come from source and our feelings of gratitude for already having our desire is what will help speed this process up.

So often in life, we get in our own way. We think that we have to do this, we have to do that. We step up into the hamster wheel and start spinning and spinning until we spin out of control and give up hope on experiencing our deepest longings and heart’s desires.

Take a deep breath and relax. Set your intention on what you want to experience. Paint the most beautiful picture in your mind’s eye. What does it feel like to have this or be that? Sit in a peaceful place and really express thankfulness for how wonderful your desire now feels to have in your possession. Realize that “you” don’t have to do anything. It’s already yours. Now, moving forward, surrender and trust that Source knows exactly what you want and is giving it to you in the path of least resistence. Allow the new possession and/or experience to come in its own divine time and do not try to limit how it will come. It will come but be open to “how” it manifests into your experience. Allowing the Universe to give us what we wish for is so important. Trying to force anything will only cut the flow off and leave us feeling bla and disconnected.

Maintaining our alignment with our higher self, living in profound gratitude and joy for all the abundance that is ours every waking moment keeps the good pouring forth. By setting our intention, holding our focus and attention on what we desire, we then are guided effortlessly by the Universe and it becomes our responsibility to just “show up.” Act on those nudges of inspiration and “random” coincidences that pop up in your day. By “showing up,” we take the necessary action to help us along our way.

The teachings of Abraham speak brilliantly on this subject regarding allowing our desires to come. Get into the habit of letting go and letting God.

Peace and love. Until next time…


Live in love, allow things to be, focus on what you want and expect the very best in life. Concentration is so important in developing your mind so that you may hold your attention on one thought which will allow you to experience miracle after miracle. So be it.

Loving What is…

June 3, 2010

The brilliant Wayne Dyer loves to define enlightenment as “The quiet acceptance of what is.” All too often in my own life, I sometimes feel the need to judge this and that and think that certain things have to change or be in a way that I am more accustomed to. I know by now that it’s just my altered ego trying to take charge. But each time something new expresses itself in my life and my head starts to chime in that it either should look differently or be something else entirely, I must refocus myself and allow the moment to be just as it is. By anchoring myself into a place of love, I can begin to be at peace with what’s in front of me and realize that it’s all part of the big picture in life. It’s up to me to realize what that big picture should look like. Should it be full of happiness, joy and harmony or frustration, misery and other emotions that lead me away from my higher self? Every moment we have a choice. A choice to enjoy and be in awe with what is before us or a choice of living outside the flow where discord and unhappiness like to exist. Step up above your emotional being and do not allow yourself to be pulled this way and that by the winds of change that blow through. It is all beautiful. Everything is perfect just the way it is. It is only your illusions that tell you that it’s not. Live in love. Allow your consciousness to expand. Enjoy the now.

Claim your Knowingness

June 3, 2010

Let go of all judgement. Let go of any discord within you so that you can be free and in the flow of all that is perfect. You have been told for so long now that God is outside of you. That you should do this or do that. It is time now to start listening to your higher self. Time now to only pay attention to the light that is within you and everything in this universe. You are God. Know this, don’t believe it but know it.

Everything that you are doing this moment is perfect. Realize that. There is no reason to judge it. To think it has to be something else. What you are and have is perfection and it is your thinking and focus on something limited that only makes it not appear that way to you. The only responsibility each moment is to embrace what is before you. If you are sad, be sad and do not judge yourself for allowing yourself to experience that emotion. We are here to play and create and to experience this beautiful physical world. We are all spiritual because Spirit lives within us all. There are no degrees of spirituality. There has been so much dogma introduced in this world throughout time to create the illusions that so many choose to unconsciously follow. Allow others to be free and you begin to open up a space for yourself to walk around in the limitless realm of perfection. There is no reason to pay attention to others and think they need to be fixed. They are going through what they are because that is the experience they choose to understand in that moment. When they get tired of living that reality, their higher self will guide them into new awareness that will help them make other choices. They are them and you are you.

There is only one you and it is so Divine, so beautiful and perfect. Love and talk to your higher self like you would your own mother or father. You can be anything you want today. Focus on what you would like to experience and hold your attention on that. Do not waiver. Strengthen your concentration. You are the creator of your life. The voice of God comes through your stream of thought and it is up to you what you wish to experience now. Go forth and enjoy. Live in happiness and allow the light to pour through. So be it…

Claim Your Happiness

May 19, 2010

Surrender to what is before you. Decide on what you want to be and be it. I am here only to remind you of what you already know. You are God. You can be, do and have anything you could ever want in this physical existence. It is up to you to maintain concentration long enough on your desire until it manifests itself into the visible world. Everything that you wish for is already here. Just surrender and affirm within that it is here and will make itself available to you now. Focus on your happiness and only focus on making yourself happy. This will spark happiness in others. Whether that may be in external things or most important on the aspects of the divinity that expresses itself through you always, cherish and appreciate all the many miracles and blessings that continuously come forth into your life. You are a son of God and you came here to make manifest the glory of his presence that exists everywhere in both the seen and most importantly, unseen world. All that you want is here now and life is always here to support and serve you so that you may enjoy the infinite blessings that are your divine right always. Confirm your good and accept the power within yourself. Now is the time to claim your kingdom and accept that which was created for and by you. Allow yourself to be in the oneness of all that is. Laugh, play, love and live in happiness for the beauty and greatness that is yours now and forever. Be a watchful observer of your thought and hold dominion over your lower self. Concentrate on the Mighty I Am presence that rests within and above you and align yourself with its perfection that is pouring out onto everyone and everything now. Let go of all worry and limited thinking that has not given you what you most desire in life up to this point. The time is now to move forward in divine love and opulence, always expressing gratitude for this wondrous moment before you. It is such a beautiful moment that is giving you all that you desire if you remain present enough now to be aware of it. Until next time. So be it.